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legal resources on the Web

There is a wealth of information on legal matters on the Web. The information is normally found in distinct categories, firstly there is academic information placed on the Web by university legal departments, secondly there is information for practising lawyers, some of which, like LEXAS, is chargeable, thirdly there is information on legislation published by governments and legal institutions, fourth there is legal information published by special interest groups, such as native Americans and the disabled, and then there is the law for the rest of us, that is the public. The US generates by far the greatest amount of on-line legal information, though the UK, Canada and Australia are catching up.

There are also some unusual sources of legal advice on the Web, including legal advice from unqualified people.

This is not a complete list, but follow the links from these Sites and you should have a good overview of the resources available. Also read Peggie Brown's lecture on using the Internet for legal research.

More detailed links for UK, US and International legal resources are provided on separate pages.

Stanford Center on Conflict and Negotiation

M.G. Gallagher Law Library University of Washington Internet Legal Resource

The Library of Congress Thomas legislative information on the Internet

Stetson University, Florida: legal resources on the Internet country links

Internet Legal Resource Guide

University of Chicago - Foreign Law: Legal Research Resources on the Internet the most comprehensive list of foreign legal links I have seen.

University of Minnesota Law School Legal Resource on the Internet very good

Katsuey's Legal Gateway, a free US legal research and legal reference site for legal professionals

INTERNET LEGAL RESEARCH, A VIABLE OPTION a lecture on using the Internet by Peggie J. Brown

the Internet Public Library Online Newspapers

Cambridge University Legal Faculty legal links [UK]

Canada's Department of Justice

Legal Resources on the Internet about the Net

Tax, Legal, and Regulatory Research Resources [US]

Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology

Findlaw [US]

ConnectingLegal - by Waterlow Professional Publishing [UK]

European University Institute Library, Italy - EUI Library. Electronic resources [Europe]

CEESource central and east european legal, political, business and economics resources

Hong Kong Legal Resources

Bad Patents [US]

Canadian Law Resources on the Internet

Free Legal Information for Companies [UK]

Computer and Internet Security resources

Malaysia online legal resources

Legal Resources Centre South Africa

Justis legal research [UK]

Korean Legal Research Resources on the Internet

New England School of Law

Web-Law resources

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