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International legal resources on the Web

The best way to use these links is to follow the collection of links within the sites referenced here. There is a wealth of information available.

General country links

University of Chicago - Foreign Law: Legal Research Resources on the Internet the most comprehensive list of foreign legal links I have seen.

the Internet Public Library Online Newspapers

Internet Law Library Law Schools and Law Libraries

Adminet World Law

Jurweb a comprehensive list of resources

Legal Resources on the Internet about the Net

Convention concerning Indigenous and Tribal Peoples in Independent Countries

The rights of indigenous peoples in international law


Hong Kong Legal Resources

Korean Legal Research Resources on the Internet

Malaysia online legal resources


Australasian Legal Information Institute


Canadian Law Resources on the Internet

Aboriginal Law from the Canadian Bar Association

Prospects for Aboriginal Justice in Canada by T.S. Palys, Simon Fraser University

Canada Legal

Canada's Department of Justice


LAW MONEY.COM : Daily international legal news from EUROPE

Juridique online, Juridical online

European University Institute Library, Italy - EUI Library. Electronic resources [Europe]

CEESource central and east european legal, political, business and economics resources

New Zealand

Waikato University legal library- NZ


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