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negotiation resources on the Web

There is a wealth of information on negotiation on the Web, the greatest amount concerns legal matters, but academic resources on negotiation and related disciplines provide a useful resource.

Harvard and The Sloan School teach negotiation as a subject and Harvard MBA courses now feature negotiation as a compulsory subject.

This is not a complete list, but follow the links from these Sites and you should have a good overview of the resources available. Remember that because you find something on the Internet it may not be true, reliable or make sense; always apply your own filtering of experience and common sense, caveat emptor.

Open Directory Project - business category - this is an excellent resource for the entire Web.

Stanford Center on Conflict and Negotiation

The Sloan School which states that.. "In order to carve out paths to agreement within our society's complex social, business and political structures, an effective negotiator needs more than "common sense" and "good will." There are important synergies among negotiation theory, negotiation practice and managerial disciplines. "

The Program on Negotiation
Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA 02138, USA

Vantage Partners a commercial consultancy located in New England, there are useful links to articles written by the partners.

See also scientific resources on the Web.



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