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The New York Times reports 5 August 2002 quotes Dr. Suarez-Orozco, a Harvard education professor and an expert on immigrant children, "We are now in the largest wave of immigration in the history of the United States." The paper reports that, "The number of students with limited English skills, most of them Hispanic, has doubled, to five million in the last decade, data from the United States Department of Education show."

The Daily Telegraph 5 August 2002 reports that "Britain can expect to receive more than two million immigrants every 10 years for the forseeable future unless curbs are introduced." The paper notes that, "Estimates from the campaign group Migration Watch UK suggest net non-EU immigration levels have doubled in less than a decade, swelled by record numbers of asylum seekers and illegal entrants."

The New York Times 6 August 2002 reported, "To avoid the stepped-up border patrols in populated areas, the most desperate migrants cross in the more unguarded and desolate deserts of Arizona and eastern California. June was the deadliest month ever for the southwest border, with 67 migrants dying, mostly in the unrelenting heat of the United States Border Patrol's Tucson sector, a barely habitable land that covers most of southern Arizona." The report adds, "The rising toll in these barren regions is the more remarkable because illegal immigration from Mexico has fallen 29 percent, largely because of the faltering United States economy and tighter security, and border deaths in general are down 20 percent." "The Border Patrol denies that its policies are responsible for the increase in deaths and has no plans to change its strategy. It counters that it is doing everything it can to deter migrants from passing through the desert, including adding medically trained search and trauma teams to rescue migrants, helicopter patrols in treacherous areas and several rescue beacons in the desert that send an electronic distress signal with the push of a button. It has also mounted a public service campaign in Mexico and Central America, using celebrities to do television and radio advertisements to warn would-be migrants of the dangers of trying an illegal border crossing."

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