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Projects - the subject matter of negotiations

All negotiations focus on a set of targets, they have an objective. Negotiations are a feature of business and political life and the daily news considers in many cases of reports on the progress of negotiations. Negotiation is not industry-specific, the same processes apply in any complex set of negotiations. We have though provided some comments on specific industries and types of organization.

The following examples of actual negotiations in business and politics were taken from The New York Times for the period May 6 to 14, 2002 and one story from The Times [London] 15 May 2002.

Trade Law Amendment Draws Veto Threat [NY Times] 14 May 2002

Top Bush administration officials threatened on Tuesday to recommend a veto of a bill to give the president trade promotion authority, if the Senate passes an amendment protecting U.S. anti-dumping laws. The administration says that would cripple their ability to reach agreements because trading partners have insisted that U.S. trade remedy laws must be part of ongoing negotiations under the World Trade Organization.

American Views of the Mideast Conflict NY Times 14 May 2002

.. President Bush, .. must try to bring the two sides to the negotiating table at a time when there are some new elements in the Middle East equation. The public is engaged at very high levels about what is going on there.

Compromise Possible in German Strike NY Times 14 May 2002

The union says it will continue its strikes until a deal is reached.  On Tuesday, it called out about 13,000 members at 22 companies in Baden-Wuerttemberg, where it has focused its strikes since May 5.

Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, a Social Democrat with close union ties, renewed his appeal for movement.  ``It is clear that the parties to the conflict have a responsibility, and that demands that they sit down at the negotiating table and negotiate a solution that is sensible for the economy as a whole.''

Bush and Putin to Sign Nuclear Pact NY Times 13 May 2002

President Bush said today that he would sign a treaty with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia next week committing both nations to cut their nuclear arsenals by two-thirds, to between 1,700 and 2,200 strategic nuclear warheads, over the next 10 years. The brief agreement, which Russia also says it will sign, was negotiated with record speed.

Airline Union Ratifies Pact With United

NY Times 11 May 2002 The largest union at United Airlines said today that it had ratified a contract covering more than 23,000 ground workers. For United, the ratification of the contract means it can begin to negotiate with all the union leaders for wage concessions in order to spur economic recovery.

It's all going pear-shaped for Gibraltar negotiators The Times 15 May 2002

Months of negotiations on Gibraltar's sovereignty are close to collapse over Spain's refusal to accept that any agreement on the Rock's future status must be final. "It's all gone pear-shaped,"one source said. "Both sides have negotiated in good faith, and more progress has been made than the sceptics thought possible. But the red lines are such that with the best will in the world it may not be possible to proceed."

Stoking the South Asian Fire NY Times 29 May 2002

The NY Times said that - "India is right to demand that Kashmir's future be determined peacefully, not by cross-border military actions from Pakistan. Pakistan is right to demand that India stop using force to crush legitimate demands for self-determination in the state. Intractable though the conflict may seem, it has to be settled by negotiation, not war."


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