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Civil Engineering Industry

The New Engineering Contract (NEC)

This is probably the most interesting set of standard commercial terms available in the UK, not only does it include a software package at a reasonable price, the NEC is actually a complete process which stresses the importance of arbitration and collaboration during the implementation of projects. The New Engineering Contract (NEC) gives a legal framework for project management procedures which are designed to handle all aspects of the management of engineering and construction projects.

Its use encompasses projects both large and small, civil engineering and building, national and international. The NEC was developed by the Institution of Civil Engineers in the early 1990s with the aim of introducing a new form of non-adversarial form of contract strategy which would contribute towards the more effective and smoother management of projects. It comprises a suite of contract documents and range of support services comprising training, consultancy, software and a Users' Group.

No one interested in the process of negotiating complex agreements can ignore NEC, it goes far beyond the traditional contract which may appear to be designed for and on behalf of lawyers, to addressing the processes that are required to successfully implement an agreement.

See the NEC Website

IChemE Red and Green Books

The latest edition of the IChemE Red Book was published in 2001, it contains forms of agreement for UK and non-UK projects. Because of its focus on project issues it has gained wide acceptance in the UK civil engineering industry, not only for the construction of chemical process plant.

The Green Book deals with Cost Reimbursable Forms.

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